Buying the Best Blenders


If you have never heard about the proper name for a commercial blender, do not feel bad. Most people do not even realize that these blenders are a specific type, the ribbon blender. And the reason is because in the United States, there is only one type of blender that is used in the mainstream. Sure, we are seeing some traction for fluidizer blenders, but those are very new and not a huge part of the market.

Ribbon Blenders and their Perks

The reason why so many industries and restaurants go with the standard blenders is because of the cost. Not only are these blenders cheap to buy, they also do not cost very much to maintain and repair. If something goes wrong, quick repairs will not cost much money. And even if a blender has to get replaced, it is an affordable job.

Different Blender Charges

There are two sub-categories, even within the ribbon blenders. One type of blender gives you a center to bottom discharge, which is the most popular and efficient method. Then we have the end discharge, where it is happening at the end of the machine instead of the center. These are fine for some uses, but they are not as effective.

Buying the Best Blender

Sometimes it is not about the type of blender, but the quality of the manufactured product. A quality blender with the ribbon style will suit any commercial and industrial setting. It is just important to get the right size and type, depending on how often and with what types of food you are planning on using the blender.

For instance, some blenders are better for milkshakes, smoothies and shakes, while others are very good for pulsing and emulsifying foods into pastes. When you get the right blender, you will have such an easy time using it.